5 kids?

cropped-pexels-photo-745086.jpegThis weekend having gone from 2 of our own to having 3 additional with us too, is quite some step. Not sure how people have big families. It has its advantages – they are supporting each other so nicely. It forces me (as a natural control-freak) to let go a bit and let them all get on with it. It’s quite exhausting though – I feel like I spent yesterday thinking about which one of them needed to be somewhere at a particular time and what I had to do next. Making time for yourself as a parent is even more important the more kids you have I guess.

My ‘me-time’ yesterday involved sitting quietly in two 30-minute windows I had and both times I fell asleep! Biggest chunk of me-time though (and most rejuvenating) was my morning walk with the dog. Just me and the dog. (Luckily youngest were at various activities meaning I could leave the older ones and head off on my own). It was the perfect Saturday morning – warm, blossom out, birds singing. I cherished every moment of it. Maybe my morning self-care meant I was much more able to cope with a day so focussed on the house full of teenagers.

Here we go again. One more day before we drop down to being parents of only two again. Maybe today I should focus on what lessons I can learn from ‘parenting’ five for a weekend that I can take forward as a parent of only two.

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