Play. Have fun. ‘Be’


Just found this article which made me think: “Here’s why you should take time to be a parent today”

Reminded me of the school holiday I promised the girls that on every day we didn’t have something planned I would give each of them 20 minutes of my time 1:1 and I would do whatever they chose. With no interruptions or distractions – e.g. mobile phone away – my full and undivided attention, their choice, I had no say in what we did.

It went pretty well (why have I never repeated it since then?) – the one I remember most was when one of them wanted to spend their 20 minutes playing minecraft. I remember thinking (probably saying!) ‘what? this is your chance to have my attention fully, to do something just the two of us and you want to sit side by side on different devices interacting with a computer game?’ How wrong I was – it gave me such insight in to the attraction of minecraft, it was actually interactive – they were talking me through what they were doing and we were in the same ‘world’ and as a result I did actually feel more closely connected.

Sitting last night, the four of us playing cards for a short while, also reminded me how lovely playing games as a family is. It always seems such an effort. Easier to just sit in front of the telly or get on with with jobs. But the benefit is always greater than the effort involved!

So I really do agree with the sentiment of this article – maybe we need to make time daily just to ‘be’ with our kids. Even just a few short minutes. To have fun. To play. Shame that life is so busy that I have to remind myself of that. Or maybe I just take life a bit too seriously. And this parenting lark a bit too seriously. However, reminder now in place. Play. Have Fun. Be!

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