Our first (non crisis!) family meeting


Dead chuffed. It went so well. 20 minutes from start to finish. A little emotion and negativity, but generally good communication and some really helpful progress on things that matter to us as a family.

Hopefully the children felt listened to and involved in family decisions as well as understanding how they need to contribute going forward to help with a smoother family life.

Just need to make sure that we continue with that weekly and also make sure things happen as a result of them, so the girls don’t get disheartened with it. Why do I think it was a success:

  • sticking to 15/20 minutes with a clock in front of us
  • agenda on the blackboard over the week that anyone could add to
  • someone (not me!) made notes of what we’d agreed under each agenda item
  • positive stuff in there as well as gripes and groans (this week our summer holiday)
  • sat around kitchen table but not over a meal

It all sounds so ridiculously formal and cheesy. But do you know what, who cares! It worked for us. We had the best family meal afterwards – very little moaning about what I’d served and great communications.

I am so chuffed that our weekly family meetings have started as such a huge success. Really didn’t think that would be the case. Just need to keep it up now – every weekend!

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