Feeling a little bit overwhelmed by it all this morning.

Read this piece about being consistent as a parent which I totally agree with loads of the stuff, there just seems too much in here. It’s made me reflect on all the stuff I’m still doing wrong and all the stuff I still need to get together myself before I can be consistent with our girls. For example the need to ‘rise above my emotions’, which is something I still find so difficult to do. Maybe I need to focus on how far I’ve come instead of how far I still have to go.

Then I came across this YouTube clip about two parents whose lives have clearly been turned around by doing a teen parenting course. This melted my heart. What a brave and inspirational couple. Especially the Dad – so open to considering his impact on the family.

This has given me hope again. No need to feel overwhelmed. Just break that elephant down. Bitsize chunks. This Thursday – I’m going to do module 2 of Teen Triple P. Done. No more need to feel overwhelmed. Just do it!

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