On the right track


Love this piece I’ve just found this morning by Anita Cleare on family meetings. Reminds me that we made a really good start last weekend and just need to keep it going.

This weekend we didn’t make the time for our second family meeting though. It was a busy bank holiday weekend so maybe not surprising, but in future we must decide right at the start of the weekend, when we’re going to do it.

Other than that, pretty pleased with how we started:

  • keeping meetings short
  • shared agenda
  • talking about some positive things, not just gripes and groans
  • importance of listening to each other
  • making a record of what we agreed

Next weekend, we must prioritise holding one. And one thing I’ve taken from Anita’s piece is that the process during the meeting of problem solving and making decisions is just as important as good outcomes from the family meeting.

Also we need to have an open mind to trying solutions that we may not have thought of or may think won’t work. Mustn’t impose all our ideas, experience and views on the solutions. Part of the process is allowing the girls to problem solve, try things out and learn.

Inspired to keep going – I think we’re on the right track with family meetings.

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