I dream of being a calm, confident and conscious parent

backlit beach boat dawn
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I haven’t been here and blogged in a while. Life has kind of taken over. Just here now to reaffirm my commitment to regularly posting about my parenting experiences.

It’s been a pretty tough time for us as a family for the past few weeks. For several different reasons. It’s therefore at times brought out the worst in us (in all our behaviour to be honest, not just the children’s). There have also been some really golden moments though.

In adversity it can bring people together and there are times I have felt a real closeness as a family which is lovely. Then at times the opposite as we all feel more sensitive than usual and irritable and niggly with each other.

There have been a few times that I have been really proud of myself. When the girls have been kicking off and I’ve been able to take a step back, stay calm and either help them or at the very least not react emotionally to their outburst. This is how I’d like to be ALL the time. Ok, maybe that’s not realistic. Nobody’s perfect! But that’s what I’d like my default to be. And maybe I can’t expect to get there overnight. I need to keep doing what I’m doing (the online parenting course, the reflection, the learning, the sharing, the reading, the talking to hubby regularly about how we’re parenting, the LOOKING AFTER MYSELF FIRST!) and hopefully then those glimmers of me acting like the parent I want to be (and that I think the girls deserve) will become more and more regular and often.

We’re away this weekend for the bank holiday. I will try to complete the next online parenting module and I will try to look after myself so that I can be the calm, confident, conscious parent that I’d like to be for more of this weekend than I’m not! There’s my goal – 50% of the time being proud of my parenting.



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